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Lifetime of Learning

Training and Development is a Priority at VERTEX

In our fast evolving world, it is important for us to continually improve, develop and expand our knowledge, skills and talent. We are not content to continue to practice where we are, the same way over and over. We are always raising the bar! This is why our training and development program is called the LIFETIME OF LEARNING PROGRAM (LOLP). At VERTEX, we are lifelong learners – we never stop!

Our learning program is embedded within our Talent/Career Development framework, where we are always learning how to better serve our clients. Whether it is technical skills, project management skills, interpersonal skills, or improving our pedigree through University or licensure programs, VERTEX’s LOLP provides a framework and platform for continual learning and development.

In addition to our internal programs and external training partners, VERTEX has also partnered with several Universities, to bridge the gap between what is taught and learned in a traditional University program, and what is taught and learned on-the-job at VERTEX. We are creating graduate curriculum with our University partners, and teaching with our internal experts. In this way, VERTEX strives to develop the leading edge of knowledge within and for the industries where we operate.


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VERTEX is unique because we not only embrace a lifetime of learning philosophy, but we are also committed to combining academic and practical learning to achieve enriched curriculum that adds value to our clients and employees.

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For more information on VERTEX's Lifetime of Learning Program, contact our Chief Learning Officer, Russell Fitzpatrick.