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Mission, Values, & Culture

VERTEX rejects the notion that businesses need to be one way OR the other. We believe in linking uncommon behaviors and beliefs to make the natural and built environment better, and ultimately the world a better place. It is the audacious belief that a company can be experts who care enough to create results and a great experience while remaining business-centric and environmentally friendly. Our Power of And differentiation means:

  • We offer Constant Urgency AND Unparalleled Quality
  • We offer Forensic Consulting AND Traditional AEC Services
  • We offer Boutique Expertise AND Multi-Disciplined Solutions
  • We are Entrepreneurial AND Financially Stable
  • We are Industry Experts AND Lifetime Learners
  • We are Customer Centric AND Colleague Focused
  • We Talk the Talk AND Walk the Walk
  • We Care About our Clients AND Employees


VERTEX succeeds because we care about our clients and employees—this is the foundation of everything we do. We deliver value-added AEC services with a constant sense of urgency on complex projects throughout the globe, which leads to long-term working relationships with our client base. This strategy supports our growth focus, which benefits our clients because we offer integrated solutions in multiple markets and it benefits our employees because it generates entrepreneurial career advancement opportunities. VERTEX sustains the highest level of quality and service through our sustained growth program by embracing a lifetime of learning philosophy, which ensures that we stay ahead of the curve in industry trends, and this rewards our employees by providing a clear path for professional development.


Core Values

VERTEX’s core values define our daily decision making, retention, recruiting, training, and giving. They are integral to the success of our organization.

Sense of Urgency: Maintain sharp focus and attention on our clients’ needs; follow up and follow through.

Meaningful Value: Deliver meaningful value and achieve the best possible outcome for our clients to provide them with peace of mind.

Lifelong Learning: Remain open to new ideas, new opportunities, and identify better ways of doing what we do.

Collaboration: We’re more effective in terms of diversity of thought, experience, and expertise when we work together—where one plus one equals three.


Culture of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

VERTEX understands the importance of employees’ intersecting identities, honoring differences, and rooting out the effects of systemic inequity hidden in company cultures. VERTEX supports fairness, equity, diversity, and inclusivity, and we will continue to do our part to help move business in the right direction. As part of our environmental, social and governance (ESG) efforts, we created a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) team in 2020, made up of employees of the company, to assist with the implementation of an initiative to ensure diversity, respect, and inclusion are at the core of VERTEX business. In 2021, the DEI council was formed to further the program.

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VERTEX Maintains a Constant Emphasis on Health & Safety

VERTEX prioritizes safety in all that we do. We go well beyond protocols and checklists to empower every employee with the tools necessary to be safety leaders. We want this for our company, for our employees, for our clients and vendors. We strive for zero incidents by providing constant education and training and enforcing these practices in the field daily. From PPE to employee programs, we vow to provide Health & Safety education, work practices, and leadership in everything we do.