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BackTracker Works on Improving the Traceability of Seafood

March 11, 2014

BackTracker, an affiliate company of VERTEX, is working with the Marine Fishery Industry to improve seafood traceability. The Boston Globe reported in 2011 about widespread false and mislabeled seafood at Massachusetts restaurants and stores. The problems with seafood fraud and mislabeling have prompted many in the industry to further document the source of their catch. BackTracker has developed a confidential database that seafood processors can use to record the route of seafood as it changes hands. With that supply-chain information trail, seafood buyers can verify that the fish on the plate is not mislabeled. BackTracker’s executive, Mike Carroll was quoted as saying, “We came to the realization that if you look at the global markets and look at traceability, there’s a huge, huge black hole…In the seafood area, there’s no uniform database.”

Read the full article from The Boston Globe, March 10th edition

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