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Program Management

VERTEX offers cost-effective Construction Program Management services, bringing effective resource prioritization and reduced risks through sound project delivery methods.

As one of the leading construction program management firms in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, VERTEX provides coordinated supervision for a number of related construction projects. Our highly experienced and knowledgeable program managers ensure that every project reaches completion on time and within budget. With our help, your programs will remain on course without losing sight of the greater picture.


Construction Program Management that Achieves Desired Results

Multi-Site, multi-year construction programs or projects require the coordination, management, and integration of multiple, concurrent assignments. VERTEX’s construction program managers handle all the relationships and resources necessary to attain an owner’s desired outcome. We have experience in managing large, highly complex projects or a Capital Improvement Program (CIP) that involves multiple construction sites and/or projects. 

By acting as an extension of our client’s staff, VERTEX program managers integrate multiple facets of the construction process (procurement, design, planning, construction, and activation) and provide management and technical expertise for each of the client’s programs or projects. We also plan for contingencies, identify and track key milestones, and allow windows for stakeholder feedback and involvement.


Full-service program management

Unlike construction management, which focuses on project implementation and processes, program management requires a programmatic and policy-level perspective. Guided by a clear understanding of our client’s objectives, VERTEX manages all aspects of your program or project. From concept to completion, we supply the crucial technical and administrative services to ensure our clients meet their program and/or project objectives.

VERTEX’s program managers offer the following solutions:

  • Owners Representative.
  • Securing a variety of products or services.
  • Supplying the framework for control and reporting systems.
  • Managing programming, master-planning, and design service providers.
  • Formulating design standards.
  • Formulating uniform standards for all elements of project delivery.
  • Supplying outreach to contractors, sub-contractors, and other consultants.
  • Preparing procurement strategies and contracts.
  • Formulating the interface management strategy for multiple concurrent projects.
  • Developing and documenting performance and quality specifications and standards.

As leaders in program management, VERTEX delivers on these and many other aspects of your program or project. 


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