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During the evening hours, an explosion occurred within an industrial complex located in Massachusetts. The explosion blew the metal corrugated exterior walls off one of the buildings and damaged several of the adjacent buildings. The blast from the explosion damaged exterior transite siding, contaminated the interior of several buildings with asbestos-containing window glazing, and contaminated the asphalt-paved areas surrounding a radius around the source of the explosion (referred to as the “debris field”).

VERTEX was retained by the client to visually inspect the property, specifically areas damaged by the explosion, review the Asbestos Work Plan, review the asbestos project monitor paperwork, and review the on-site asbestos abatement contractor’s means and methods, as well as associated proposed abatement costs to ensure all work was being performed in accordance with applicable regulations and costs, were within industry standards. VERTEX was also retained to assist the client in determining business interruption costs due to the explosion, extent of damage to the buildings, and loss of production.

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