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Project # 10083.CA

Designated Substances – Hazardous Materials Surveys of Industrial Buildings

In preparation of demolition, VTX was retained to conduct a Designated Substance Survey (DSS) of former industrial buildings to identify the potential presence of possible Hazardous Materials (i.e., eleven (11) Designated Substances including – asbestos, lead, mercury, silica, etc.), as well as Polychlorinated Biphenyls, mould, Ozone Depleting Substances, and other hazardous materials. The DSS was required in order to comply with Ministry of Labour regulations, and in anticipation of an upcoming demolition of the two (2) on-site structures (one had been damaged by a fire). The Ontario OHSA requires that designated substances be identified and listed prior to the commencement of a “project”. Ontario Regulation 278/05 requires that tender documents contain detailed specifications for the removal of asbestos should any be determined to be present. The site was a former petroleum bulk plant with two buildings located on the property. VTX carried out the following work to meet the terms of reference of this project:

  • Preparation of site-specific health & safety plan;
  • Collection and analysis of samples of building materials suspected to contain asbestos, lead and/or mercury.

Suspect materials were identified and characterized in the following manner:

  • Physical location of material;
  • Type (s) of material (e.g., pipe insulation, ceiling tile, vinyl floor tile, etc.);
  • Description (colour, texture, layers, etc.);
  • Condition of materials;
  • Friable or non-friable ACMs; and,
  • Estimated quantities.

Preparation of a report documenting the results of the DSS and recommendations made for the management of designated substances prior to future demolition activities. The report included drawings presenting the locations of samples and identified designated substances.

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