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VERTEX Surety, Honey Springs-Cedar Crest Trail Dallas,TX, 54480

The Honey Springs-Cedar Crest Trail project was a 2017 Trails and Open Space project of the Dallas County Parks Department located in Southeast Dallas. The original contract value was $4,453,114.00 and included approximately 5.4 miles of concrete pavement for shared-use trails and trail connections. The scope of the project also included all pavement markings, signage, and drainage structures required for the trails, including one pedestrian bridge. The project was awarded in September of 2017 and provided the Principal with 407 days to complete the project.

Following a Cure Notice to the Principal and its Surety, the Principal had 30 days to provide a recovery schedule and to address non-compliant work including trails, drainage structures and retaining walls. The Surety retained VERTEX immediately to gather project data and assess the allegations. VERTEX interviewed both the Principal and the Obligee and was able to work with both parties without interference to move the project forward. The Obligee eventually terminated the Principal and looked to the Surety for completion. Within two weeks, VERTEX ratified subcontractors and suppliers, put together a relet bid package, and solicited proposals for the balance of work. VERTEX found an acceptable bidder for the Surety to tender to the Obligee.

“It was the approach that VERTEX and the surety took that made all of the difference on our project. They were objective, they were not looking to assign blame, and they had no preconceived notions. They were truly committed to resolving a problem and completing the project, and as a result, the relationship between the County and the surety, instead of being adversarial, quickly became a partnership. Working with the surety and VERTEX was the silver lining to an otherwise difficult experience.”

– Dallas County

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