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Project # 49051

Malfunctioning Gas-Fueled Ceramic Log Set

The insured reported to the insurance company that she had contacted her condo property management company on several occasions to report that there appeared to be soot building up on the surfaces of her home.

The property management company sent out employees who stated that they found no problem with the gas log set.

The insured continued to use the log set and began observing several different malfunctions including the flame going out without being turned off, it was becoming harder to ignite, and she observed the soot issue was getting darker on the interior surfaces.

VERTEX Fire Investigation went to the insured home and conducted an inspection and investigation into the incident. The investigator ascertained that the property management company went to the home on three occasions before contacting a qualified gas technician to inspect and/or repair the gas log set. Upon seeing the gas log set, the technician immediately red tagged the appliance and turned off the gas supply.

The investigator observed a heavy amount of black soot inside the fireplace on top of the ceramic logs. It was obvious the fault, failure or malfunction was with the burner components.

There was black soot on the first and second floor walls, doors, ceilings, floors as well as the countertops, appliances, furniture and decorations.

The damages to the insured exceeded $50,000 and were the responsibility of the condo association and management company due to the insured having previously reported the fireplace condition to the association and their inaction in rectifying the problem.

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