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Prior roof replacement was completed after roof leaks were identified at the assisted living facility. Additionally, water damage and mold growth were also identified in a walk-in refrigerator/freezer and ice cream/drink station area a couple of years later. The Insured retained a consultant to conduct an indoor air quality assessment in response to suspect staining consistent with visible mold growth and moisture intrusion concerns in the Kitchen, Dining Areas, and Ice Cream Station. The Insured’s consultant identified impacts to upper walls and ceilings across multiple areas with evidence of elevated moisture content in building materials and recommended remedial and corrective actions. Additionally, an inspection of the roof system identified roof leaks, roof edging and flashing failures, evidence of prior repairs, and at least four separate areas with membrane punctures and tears.

VERTEX was retained by the client to inspect the property to investigate the source and timing of water intrusion and mold growth as well as any relationship with the existing roof system. Based on VERTEX’s investigation, at least six distinct areas impacted by water damage and/or mold growth were identified as the result of various water sources. VERTEX also identified a potential subrogation avenue against the roof installer.

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