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VERTEX provided a pre-divestiture Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) for a farm property which consisted of three non-contiguous agricultural plots encompassing a total of approximately 2,810 acres of land located in Arkansas. At the time of the project, Pruess Farm produces certified organic grain and included agricultural fields, irrigation wells, subgrade irrigation culverts, equipment storage and maintenance buildings, grain silos, grain loading structures, and residences. Additionally, the site was previously utilized to farm catfish.
VERTEX’s scope of work also included interviews with the landowner to determine current management practices. The interviews with the landowner were also used to identify multiple water supply wells and septic systems associated with the on-site residences. Prior to the site visit, VERTEX reviewed historical records in order to identify current and former on-site structures in order to focus on these areas during the site reconnaissance. Additionally, VERTEX researched potential environmental impacts typically associated with catfish farming practices in order to identify any potential risks, as the site was utilized for this activity between 2009 and 2017.

During site reconnaissance, VERTEX observed damaged suspect asbestos-containing material (ACM) in the form of spray-on insulation in one of the on-site maintenance buildings. Due to the friable condition of the suspect ACM, VERTEX recommended analysis of the material or development of an Operations and Maintenance Program to maintain compliance with applicable local, state, and federal regulations.

VERTEX’s scope of work allowed the company to provide environmental due diligence documentation to potential purchasers, and identify business environmental risks associated with the on-site structures prior to divestiture.

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