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Project # 33609

Scituate Public Safety Building Complex

VERTEX provided Owner’s Representation and Construction Project Management on behalf of the Town of Scituate during the construction of the Scituate Public Safety Building Complex. The scope of work involved the construction of a new 22,000-SF building complex to house new police and fire facilities. The police station includes two sallyport garage bays, booking and detention facilities including seven detention cells and interview and bail areas. Also within the facility are evidence processing lockers and storage, report and records rooms, briefing/roll call room, radio equipment room, armory, men’s and women’s locker rooms, and kennel. Additionally, this new building houses the police administration offices for the chief and deputy chief, detectives, sergeants, and specialists. The building complex includes a satellite fire station with three apparatus garage bays, a turn out gear room, dorms and showers, kitchen, dayroom, laundry, gear extractor and dryer, and triage facilities.

Included within the building complex is the Town’s police, fire, and 911 dispatch facility and the Emergency Operations Center/Training facility with a video wall comprised of six 50-inch TVs, auditorium type speaker system, ceiling-mounted projector, and projection screen to act as the hub of communications during nor’easters, police and fire training classes and community meetings. An 84-foot monopole was constructed adjacent to the sallyport to accommodate microwave and radio communications for the police and fire equipment.

This project also included coordination with Massachusetts DOT for the installation of traffic signalization for the emergency vehicle access onto Route 3A.

Due to the location of the property, a municipal sewer system connection was not available and a leaching field was constructed on an adjacent parcel of Town-owned land. This also required that the floor drains in the sallyport and the trench drains in the apparatus bays be connected to tight tanks which will require pumping out by a waste hauler when full.

Additionally, due to the elevation difference of the property and the location within the Town, there was low water pressure in the street which required that a small pump house be constructed adjacent to the apparatus bays to house the fire pump which helps support the flow to the sprinkler system in the event of a fire in the building.

The project was finished on time and within budget; but most importantly, the client was proud of the finished project.

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