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Project # 26241

Solana Solar Power Plant

VERTEX provided construction claims consulting services on the $2B Solana Generating Station project in Gila Bend, Arizona. Solana is a 250-MW parabolic trough concentrating solar power (CSP) plant with an innovative thermal energy storage (TES) system. The project spans roughly 7,770,000 square miles and consists of over 32,000 collector assemblies—each comprised of 28 curved mirrors. The mirrors concentrate the sun’s energy into a heat transfer fluid which is used to produce steam that drives a conventional steam turbine generator. At the time of construction, Solana was the first solar plant in the US to employ TES technology.

VERTEX was retained to provide litigation support services and prepare an affirmative claim detailing productivity impacts, schedule delays, and additional damages relating to extra-contractual work and earned and unpaid contract amounts.

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