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Building Envelope Consulting

VERTEX has a team of highly qualified QA/QC consultants specializing in waterproofing and building envelope performance. We help owners, architects, and contractors ensure their building enclosures will stand the test of time and the elements.

Building integrity and performance begins with the exterior shell and foundation. Often referred to as the Building Envelope, it includes all of the basic components that separate the building’s interior and exterior, including below-grade foundation, exterior walls, windows, doors, roofs, etc. When functioning these parts become inconspicuous in our environment until they start to leak and cause problems.

VERTEX provides highly qualified QA/QC consultants who are well versed in all aspects of building envelope performance. We help owners, architects, and commercial contractors in every stage of a building’s life cycle, from planning, design, construction, and post-occupancy.

What sets our building envelope professionals apart is our team’s proven track record with decades of forensic experience. Having investigated hundreds of buildings, we encountered nearly every scenario of what can go wrong and have assisted in creating solutions. This invaluable insight allows us to help our clients by finding and solving issues early on, preventing water intrusion from occurring.

Our consultants have been involved in an extensive range of building types, including Multi-Family, Student Housing, Recreation Facilities, Laboratories, High Rise Commercial Office space, Healthcare, Casinos, and large Parking Structures.

Building Envelope Consulting for New Construction

Our building envelope consulting services typically start in the pre-construction phase, in which our professionals provide plan & submittal reviews to identify and help resolve constructability issues and gaps in the plan’s specifications. During the construction phase, our consultants take part in the mock-up review and testing and provide quality control field inspections of waterproofing and building enclosure assemblies. Our team of consultants also provides AAMA & ASTM field performance testing of installed systems to ensure they perform to the stakeholder’s needs.


Waterproofing Investigation

For existing buildings and renovation projects, our building envelope consultants can perform forensic analysis, provide repair recommendations, and review renovation plan details of enclosure systems. During the renovation process, our team can also provide third-party quality control inspections of the exterior assemblies. To verify that the repaired or replaced waterproofing systems work as intended, our professionals can perform AAMA/ASTM field testing.


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