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Environmental Services



Why Vertex

VERTEX manages environmental risk with clients and proactively avoids unplanned costs on projects located throughout the globe.

Since 1995, VERTEX has been a global provider of environmental consulting, industrial hygiene, and remediation services. VERTEX works with a diverse number of industries and governments around the world to provide solutions that achieve environmental and sustainability goals as well as regulatory standards. We support our clients throughout the lifecycle of real estate: pre-acquisition, ownership, property development/redevelopment and sale. VERTEX performs environmental due diligence, develops solutions to minimize and manage impacts, and guides businesses to improved environmental and/or health and safety performance.

VERTEX has a deep bench of strategic advisors, environmental scientists and engineers who work alongside our clients and who understand the environmental regulatory framework, health and safety imperatives, and business and community goals.

VERTEX’s broad array of environmental services includes: Due Diligence, Industrial Hygiene & Building Sciences, Building Water Systems Management & Compliance, Facility Closures, Remediation, Loss Control and Indoor Air. VERTEX’s team of environmental engineers, consultants and scientists operate out of our network of 20+ offices.

Focused Service

Due Diligence Consulting

VERTEX’s asset evaluation services give clients knowledge for making smart, timely business decisions on property transactions, site development, and mergers and acquisitions.

Environmental, Social & Governance Solutions

VERTEX’s skilled assessors evaluate a property’s ESG attributes to help our socially conscious clients manage ESG programs and meet their internal goals and compliance needs.

Environmental Compliance & Engineering Design

For property owners, property managers, or the public sector, VERTEX provides environmental compliance and environmental engineering design that meets regulations and business goals.

Remediation Management & Development Consulting

VERTEX supports developers with complex site design, regulatory compliance, and construction demands that arise during the redevelopment of contaminated properties.

Industrial Hygiene & Building Sciences

VERTEX identifies and manages potential hazards associated with building materials, indoor air quality, water quality, and mold.

Environmental Loss Control Consulting

VERTEX’s environmental loss control team works to proactively reduce the possibility that an environmental loss will occur and mitigate the severity of those that do occur.

Environmental Health & Safety

VERTEX provides Environmental Health & Safety Consulting and Management services globally to a variety of clients.

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