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Forensic Expert Witness Services


Expert Witness & Dispute Resolution



Because we are a traditional AEC firm that also offers forensic solutions, we practice what we preach. We offer expert services on megaprojects and high-profile real estate and other property or construction claims throughout the globe. Our claims experts offer standard of care, delay, damage, allocation, and environmental opinions on complex disputes.

VERTEX's services that support construction claims often include failure analysis, evaluation of the status of completion of a construction or design project at the time of the default, and review and analysis against claims for the cost of finishing interrupted construction projects. If you are an attorney or in-house counsel with cases involving design claims, construction claims, or property development claims, VERTEX has your expert witness.

Meet Our Experts

VERTEX has experienced and qualified experts that work on large scale engineering, design, construction, and environmental disputes. Our expert witnesses have been an integral part of the legal team with construction claims from sureties, suppliers and subcontractors, designers, owners, and developers. We have been successful in bringing favorable settlements to every type of construction claim including infrastructure such as roadways and rail-transit development, military bases, schools and higher education developments, industrial and chemical sites, and commercial and public buildings just to name a few.

Standard of Care


VERTEX opines on the degree of care that a reasonable contractor should exercise.

Contractor Termination

VERTEX opines on the degree of care that was exercised during a contractor termination.


VERTEX opines on the degree of care that a real estate owner takes while their site is under construction.

Architectural & Building Envelope

VERTEX opines on the standard that would be exercised by a reasonably prudent architect/building envelope expert.


VERTEX opines on the degree of care that was exercised by a structural engineering design firm.

Site Civil

VERTEX opines on the degree of care that was exercised by a site civil engineering design firm.

Heavy Civil

VERTEX opines on the degree of care that was exercised by a heavy civil engineering design firm.


VERTEX opines on the degree of care that a reasonable geotechnical consultant has exercised.


VERTEX opines on the degree of care that a reasonable mechanical, electrical, plumbing contractor should exercise.

Fire Protection

VERTEX opines on fire protection systems failure to operate adequately during a fire incident.


VERTEX opines on the safety protocols that are reasonable to exercise.


CPM Scheduling Expert

VERTEX offers Critical Path Method (CPM) Scheduling Experts who are actively working on construction projects.


VERTEX offers construction experts who have successfully navigated these contentious claims, despite the challenges of distinguishing losses contemporaneously during productivity claims.


VERTEX experts are also actively managing construction projects, and therefore offer a unique advantage on acceleration construction claims.


Cost of Repair

VERTEX's experts opine on cost of repair in construction damages claims.

Loss of Use & Consequential Damages

VERTEX's experts opine on the lost of use/consequential damages in construction claims globally.

Differing Site Condition

VERTEX's experts opine on differing site conditions for construction damages claims.

Added Scope

VERTEX opines on construction damages claims that involved added scopes of work.

Fault Allocation

VERTEX opines on fault allocation in construction damages claims.


Air Quality

VERTEX's experts opine on air quality in environmental claims.

Demolition & Abatement

VERTEX's experts opine on demolition and /or abatement practices for environmental claims.

Hazardous Waste

VERTEX's environmental experts opine on hazardous waste management and disposal.