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Standard of Care

As one of the nation’s largest completion contractors, VERTEX routinely takes over large-scale projects that are often wrought with construction defects, workforce issues, and schedule issues. Our experience in working on these challenging projects brings a unique point of view and skill set that lends credibility to our capabilities as expert witnesses.

Considered one of the most complex tasks in construction claims, determining Standard of Care claim basis issues is VERTEX’s forte. Standard of care for the performance of contractor professional services is generally defined as the ordinary and reasonable care usually exercised by one in that profession, on the same type of project, at the same time, and in the same place, under similar circumstances and conditions. VERTEX provides expert witness services for a contractor’s standard of care on construction claims nationwide.

VERTEX evaluates a contractor’s performance on a project against the requirements of contract documents, applicable laws and regulations, and industry standards to opine whether or not a contractor’s conduct met or fell below a requisite standard of care.

VERTEX’s team of qualified construction specialists, architects, and structural and civil engineers have worked on thousands of construction projects, have unparalleled expertise in the typical means and methods that qualified constructors implement on various types of projects, and understand the standard duties and responsibilities of constructors that relate to cost estimation, installation, sequence, and coordination. This experience makes VERTEX uniquely qualified to determine the standard of care that construction professionals are required to meet.

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VERTEX is unique because our forensics experts work alongside our technical professionals and are actively involved in current projects. If you need an expert witness with real-world experience, contact us below.

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