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Standard of Care
Contractor Termination

There are many reasons for terminating a construction contract. Most common include nonpayment by the owner or contractor, nonperformance by the contractor or subcontractors, and performance delays or lack of performance. Construction contracts will address these common reasons and others.

At VERTEX, we provide expert witness and dispute resolutions services for contractor termination. VERTEX has evaluated the propriety of contractor terminations on thousands of projects throughout the globe and our experts have evaluated hundreds of procedural and factual elements of terminations to determine if the subject termination is proper or wrongful.

As highly qualified construction experts, VERTEX advises on the probable cost of completion and the likelihood that the contractor could accelerate or otherwise cure the default. And unlike other expert witnesses, VERTEX can stand behind our numbers and oftentimes complete the construction.

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VERTEX is unique because our forensics experts work alongside our technical professionals and are actively involved in current projects. If you need an expert witness with real-world experience, contact us.

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