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Owner's Representation

VERTEX provides Owner’s Representation and Program Management services to private and public clients on building projects located throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico.

Our Owner’s Representation/Owner’s Project Management and Program Management services have assisted hundreds of municipalities, developers, and public authorities in the properly administrated construction of building projects such as office buildings, hotels, schools, universities, fire stations, police stations, libraries, and town halls. We differentiate ourselves because our experts specialize in construction, engineering, environmental, and architectural services so we can add value to all phases of real estate development.


Owner’s Representation / Owner’s Project Management

Our Owner’s Representation assignments typically cover every phase of a project from pre-construction to closeout. Through the pre-construction phase, VERTEX assists clients with program definition; Architect/Engineer selection; budget; contractor selection; value engineering; and schedule milestones. During the construction phase, VERTEX manages the contract administration process to ensure all parties perform contractual duties relating to safety, quality, schedule, and overall contract compliance.


Program Management

VERTEX is routinely ranked by Engineering News Record (ENR) as one of the top Program Management Firms in the country. VERTEX serves as a program manager to oversee a group of related projects in a coordinated manner so that clients can gain economies of scale and to ensure project controls are consistent across multiple projects. Coordinated program management offers benefits that are not available when projects are managed individually, as resources are harmonized and prioritized across projects to lower the overall costs and risks of a program. Reports exceed the requirements outlined by ASTM and take the cost estimating and long-range budget forecasting a step further by including an additional Capital Needs estimate for longer-term evaluations.


Owner’s Project Management Services for Higher Education

Owners Project Management is in high demand for the construction of school buildings and higher education campuses nationwide. VERTEX has performed Owner’s Representative / Owner’s Project Management services for school building authorities, universities, and colleges for decades. VERTEX Project Management’s, Brian Kelley talks about some of our more recent Boston Metro projects.


VERTEX provides procurement assistance services for our clients, which often includes preparation of a written Request for Proposal (RFP) based on the prepared design, review of contractor bids, and recommendation on the selection of the best comprehensive bid. Providing design documents along with the RFP generates more accurate and comparable contractor bids for the installation services provided by contractors. Upon receipt of the bids, we can provide bid evaluation services to verify that the bids provide equivalent services and offer input to the client regarding value and pricing.

Construction Monitoring

VERTEX offers comprehensive Construction Monitoring services, where we ensure project integrity and quality every step of the way. From meticulous draw review and warranty assessment to mid-construction evaluation, closeout inspection, and project rehabilitation review, VERTEX offers a range of expert services designed to safeguard your construction projects. Explore how our thorough analysis and diligent observation ensure successful outcomes and peace of mind for your ventures.


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